Meaningful Parenting

Family Bonding
I worked for Xerox India Ltd back in 2006-2010 in various roles. From corporate HR to Regional HR Manager N & E and later S & W. It was during this time I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Princy Bhatnagar who was then the Sales Head for Xerox India. It was one of those regular days at work where I heard him talking to his colleagues about family and children and he said, "Parenting is the most challenging yet most gratifying experience of one's life." I left Xerox India in 2011 and went ahead traversing my own life. I wasn't a parent then but his words stayed with me.
Today I have a four-year-old son and I know for sure how challenging it gets day to day. I also know for sure that nothing gratifies me more than this bond that I share with him. The same goes for my husband, his father. This section is therefore even more important. Coming from my academic background, my professional set up, my own personal experience with my son and informal counselling with many elementary and middle school children, I intend to provide insights about this most' challenging and gratifying' world of Parenting.

In our children lies our hopes and dreams, our love and longing and our very life.


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