Meaningful Parenting- Painting. What does a canvas teach?

Created on 8th May, 2017 with my sonny boy.

I love colors, all of them. I so much wanted to learn painting, but my father insisted I should only concentrate on my studies. He was right in his way. A middle-class family cannot afford extracurricular activities. They have built their life on 'studies, ' and they believe that is the ONLY way to make a decent life. When resources are scarce, one makes the most of what is available. My father did that. I respect him. 

My 4-year-old son loves colors, and I thought to make him love them more. Why am I so concerned about drawing, colouring, and painting? Art takes time, needs focus and doesn't give instant gratification. I am teaching him patience, concentration, eye for details all through painting. He tends to rush into things, but I am teaching him to hold on, let the sheet dry, paint once dry and when you hold your brush, keep changing angles depending on what you are painting. A bird's beak and an ocean need different strokes of the paint brush. I hope later in life he understands this message well.

How do I know about painting when I haven't learned it? It comes from within, and I learned it in my little ways. I know I cannot teach him much, but for now, I can teach him something that I know. Above all, I can teach him to love colors and see what all he can create. Tomorrow I intend to send him to a painting school to turn his interest into a passion for I am limited but not my love for colors.

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