Chirp- A note from a fellow traveller

It's a rough road. This road that people call life.

It's strewn with hard rocks that burn under a merciless sunYou may need to run over them bare feet, to escape the heat of the stones. 

When it rains the same stone, turn slippery and you have to tread so carefully lest you slip.

And this road ends sometimes abruptly and you are on a slope that merges into the valley below and you walk in the wonder of the beautyespecially if the valley is being kissed by a setting sun.

And suddenly a stream cuts across the expanse of groundSparkling water

And you stop by its sidebend, and scoop the crystal clear water and drinkto quench a thirst that you did not know you hadYou wash your hands and face and think it is heaven. 

But you leave the streamwhich does not even become a memory and move on...

Sometimes into the heart of a merciless desert...but you cross the dessert too, and reach the road that leads to the oasis...
Life has been like that to melife is like that to us.Slippery at timesbrutal at others and immensely beautiful and quiet at other times It helps to tap into a pool of emotional balance that we all have.

 A fellow traveller...
I am just one of you...sitting in one of these cars or waiting for the traffic signal to cross the road.


  1. Nice post Namrata! In fact if life was really simple without any highs and lows we would end up getting bored.


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