Why Mindful Eating? Because the simpler,the better.

Because a healthy body complements a healthy mind and our very emotional well-being. Because lifestyles have changed and I see my husband and myself and people around moving less and sitting more. Because in today's times of umpteen temptations and instant gratification, palettes have developed cravings which are difficult to control. ‘Fats’ have become friendly and ‘fiber’ our not so good friend.

It's about mindful eating. Mind what you eat.

Mind what you cook and feed yourself and your family
. Not to forget a good eating habit inculcated in children leads the way to healthy choices in food that they will make in their life.

Mindful Eating is about changing your relationship with food. It allows us to become aware of the positive and nurturing qualities of food, make mindful food choices and prepare the food by respecting your own inner wisdom. It allows us to use all our senses in choosing to eat food that is both satisfying, satiating and nourishing to our body.

Coming from my love for food :) and my extensive reading on nutrition, health, food and fitness and my own 'tried and tested' practices, this section targets a regular kitchen having regular, every day, cost friendly ingredients and which can make a difference in our body in positive ways. It's about everyday tidbits which help our body to feel better.

A healthy body is a combination of diet and lifestyle that we lead. There is a hereditary component which cannot be negated. It's my humble attempt here to provide nuggets of information in not so technical way :) so that regular people understand and try to implement.

These are small steps to ensure we are on the right track as far as food is

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