Sunday, 18 March 2018

A Meaningful Life- You like me , You don't like me

'I AM' irrespective of likes and dislikes.

If you are a mum with a paunch, continue reading. If you don't have one, TEACH US HOW ;))))
35 is an interesting chapter of life. Neither too young nor too old, just in the middle.Being a Mum is ever more interesting. Neither too young for being wild nor too old for being wise.

How long has it been since you tried some wild lovemaking with your partner? If you are trying to recall hard…chuck the question.:):):)

We are 35.Mark Twain once said- "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

I am at chapter 35 of my life and a mum. That’s important because the world is cautious about a woman's age and the tag ‘MUM’ changes the way people look at you and perceive you.

It's been 4 years that I gave birth to this ‘joy’ and officially joined the ‘mum’s community’. And guess what? Considering it an all-women community, compliments are vital, desired and Omnipresent. :) ;)

Yesterday, by some stroke of luck, I was the one who was getting it all.
“Yummy Mummy, wow, look at you, you don’t look like a mum.”
“Age is reversing for you. No one can say you have a kid.”
“You are back to 16.Wow. Tell us how to go back to 16.”

I was flummoxed.

Damn, what do I do now? Damn, Damn, Damn
Because I am a mum.And while I don't know how a 35-year-old mum should look like, I know for sure that I am a mum and I am comfortable looking like one, feeling like one and behaving like one.

And why wouldn't I? Am I not proud to be a mum? Is looking like a mum a concern?
These compliments circulate and the more they do,the better it gets on the ones who are looking like mum and the ones who look like teenage mums :). The Former hides her belly bulge behind the pallu of saree and the latter moves around with her flat tummy like a Filmfare award.
The problem doesn’t cease here. It’s the mind that gets affected and the self-esteem which gets injured. The present loses its worth and meaning and the ‘past’ yearns to be re-lived.

HEY MUMS (of all kinds of belly and bust)- Let’s get it for once and for all. It’s important to be peaceful in your present. Motherhood brings some long-lasting changes in the body, the mind and the soul. Let’s carry those changes with pride.
Don’t pull your breath while you are getting clicked.
Don’t hide thunder things behind those overflowing oversize hip length tees. It’s OKAY.
You don’t get ‘Likes’ on your pics -It’s Okay. You were born to live your authentic life and not to get 'LIKES.'

Stretch marks on belly- Check. Great!
Sagging breasts- Check- Great!
Wider Hips-Check. Great!
Belly Bulge-Check-Great
Flabby Arms-Check-Great
Tires around Waist-Check-Great.
If you don’t have these. Great. If you have these. Great.

Live your age ,Live your looks and whatever it has to offer. You lived the past, why do you want to live it again?Come what may, the fact is that you cannot go back to Chapter 16. Nor can you feel 16.How am I supposed to feel Chapter 16 when I have reached Chapter 35? And why would I want to? And why is feeling young so important? Haven't you felt and lived the so-called  ‘youth’... You did...right?
Now feel age 35 and move on. Being fit and healthy is a sustainable choice for the body but doing so to look and feel 16 is an unsustainable choice for the mind and the soul.
So the next time someone hurls that backhanded compliment, I shall run for cover.  I value my my thoughts, my feelings and my action. That may not necessarily make me happy (the way the world views happiness) but that definitely provides peace.

20 is madness and so is 35 and so would be 70. It’s just the nature of madness that differs.

And if wild lovemaking is not possible, try soft tender one.

Getting poetic-
An autumn leaf which broke away from the branch and lies on the grass will soon be shrouded in snow.  But can it say that it feels like a new green leaf? Should it still revel thinking about its green charm?It was but once a green leaf… and now it's brown…green was beautiful then,brown is beautiful now, green or brown… the colour is not important……. The question is how well it lived green and how well it lives brown…and how well it gets buried under the icy snow.


  1. Beautiful, it's like mental sketch of a 35 years old mom,in words, and drawings are icing on the cake.

  2. I am not a mum. Yet this blog is something which any woman of any age can relate to.

    1. Thank you Ayushi. Am glad you could relate to it.

  3. I am not a mum. Yet this blog is something that any woman of any age can relate.

  4. Whatever they look like... a mom n a baby r always cute.... n everyone's look good when they r themselves....

  5. True. I liked the way you portrayed the essence- Everyone looks good when they are themselves. Bang On. The biggest compliment that can come by is-Hey,you look you and 'you' are fab.



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